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Play It Safe, Willing to Take Risks, or is it Your Way or the Highway in a Start Up Business

ImageWhenever I see someone starting a new business, it’s easy to be drawn into their enthusiasm and excitement.  For some, reality sneaks up behind them, taps them on the shoulder and says, “Do you really want to take that risk?”  (This is where it can really get interesting.)

There will be those who freeze like the proverbial ‘Deer in the Headlights’.  They’ll become paralyzed, unable to make decisions because they may be wrong.  Now they are more focused on the safety net instead of their original vision.

There will be those who will go full steam ahead, throwing caution to the wind and unaware that their ambition could very well be their undoing without the proper caution.

Then there will be those with a vision, a detailed plan and the ability to move like a willow tree.  Why a willow?  Because felixibility is a key element.  Always be ready and willing to learn more about your business, customers and competition.  Keep it balanced, but don’t make it a balancing act.