A gender apartheid has existed for centuries.  Just the two words, “sexual discrimination”, can create eye rolls, a rise in blood pressure, negative comments and categorizing.  Although progress has been made, here we are in the 21st Century and it’s still prevalent.

In searching the Internet, I came across the comment, “many conservatives believe that women were made for breeding”.  Imagine my surprise when I read that accusation.  My surprise quickly turned to anger when I realized there is so much misinformation out there about how we feel.  There was even a post suggesting that we oppose civil rights for women!  Maybe it’s time to set the record straight right here, right now.  First, don’t believe everything the media says.

There was a Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm, who once said, “The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: “It’s a girl.” So how does a woman percieve herself?  It shouldn’t matter what her political preference is.  There are Democrats who also believe some things Republicans do and vice versa.  Let’s go back to the question, how does a woman percieve herself?

Information pours in from family values, peer pressure, friends and alas, the media. What is our role in society supposed to be?  Does it coincide with what we want for ourselves?  What are our values and beliefs?  Shouldn’t we feel empowered to go in the direction we want to with our life?  In the same sense, shouldn’t we be responsible for the choices we make?  We need a government that would allow us to pursue our own goals, not micromanage us and step in to solve all our problems.

We have the right to have an intimate relationship.  We also have the right and responsibility on whether or not we chose to use birth control.  We don’t believe that abortion should be used as a means for birth control.

Because some women value being a stay at home mother doesn’t mean they feel those who chose to work outside of the home are inferior or cold, just as those who chose to work outside of the home don’t consider those who stay home any less of a woman because of that choice.

We feel that women and men have the absolute right to work an equal job for equal pay, to own their own property, serve in the military, have the right to a fair education and pursue any position they are interested in.  We are not misogynists just because our values may not align all the way down a series of bullet points.  It’s values and beliefs.  Do we need action by our government to enforce these things?  I would hope not.  We think government should allow us the freedom to pursue the path we wish to embark on.  It shouldn’t matter if we are a stay at home mother, a business owner, a politician, a factory worker or a nail technician.

Is it a problem with society?  In this case, it’s how you percieve things. There are too many labels and too much categorizing.  Both Conservative and Liberal women have been equally attacked for their views and beliefs.  Obviously, they are not exactly the same, but many do parallel each other.  Do you think a Conservative woman wouldn’t want her property or equal pay for equal employment?  You bet she does!

Maybe women have the giant task of being all things to all people.  Remember the phrase, “Super Mom”?  If Mom worked outside the home, this was the scenario: Get kids up, prepare breakfast, pack the lunches, get the kids to school, go to work, work, come home, greet the kids, start the laundry, figure out what’s for dinner, start the dinner, help with homework.  If her husband was lucky, he would be acknowledged then she either sat down and passed out or went to bed.  The next day it would start all over again.  (Tired yet?)  Fortunately, society has morphed to the point that we don’t have the stereotypical roles in many relationships like there used to be.

Can we truly say, “boys will be boys and girls will be girls” anymore?  Unfortunately, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn’t encompass “sex”. It may or may not have been a good thing they didn’t at that time.

Most civil human beings would probably agree no one should be attacked because a person believes in traditional values.  No one should be attacked for having nontraditional values.

Currently, in America, we are free to make our own choices based on our values and beliefs.  It doesn’t mean that others have to like or agree with them.  That being said, neither myself, or anyone else should have to pay a price for your choices just as you shouldn’t have to pay a price for mine.  It all comes down to thought, beliefs, values, reason, freedom, choices and responsiblity.   The fact that we have all  that in common should  help us to work together.

We may disagree on some things, but there are many we feel the same on.  We should still take the time to be civil to one another.

Cathy Anne

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