Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Alive

Did you make up your mind about what this page might be about when you saw the title? I’m guilty of doing the same thing at times. Just last week I used this title for something else. Today I’d like to go a different route. Something, perhaps, a bit more personal. No fancy words.

To quote my previous article, “Being alive may not be for everyone. Some may get a nosebleed just thinking of the commitment. I rather enjoy being alive and strive to find ways to continue the momentum.” When I say Alive, I mean Alive, not living and not surviving.

Come on folks fess up. You know we have a limited amount of time on this earth. So, what are you doing to feel alive? I don’t mean skydiving, mountain climbing, etc., although you can get an adrenaline rush from those things it’s not what I’m trying to point out.

What have you personally done to get involved in this life? Are you an advocate? If so, what type of advocate are you? While social media does have some merit, I believe it adds to laziness. Yes, I said it. The news may be a little quicker on social media and it might be easier to “tweet” or “post” than to personally deliver a message, but the number of followers you have does not equal your net worth. (I’m pretty sure we won’t see: Loving Wife and Mother with 24,395 Followers on someone’s tombstone. And where do the followers go at that point?)

Now I’ll ask it again. Are you now or have you ever been alive?

Have you had the experience of being the underdog and accomplish what others thought you couldn’t? Have you stepped up and helped someone without them asking? Have you had a child with disabilities smile at you because you took the time to acknowledge them? Have you moved beyond your comfort zone and thrown yourself into a project because it was terribly important to you or someone you love? Did you ever take a leap of faith? It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale as you can see from a couple of my questions. But, have you?

We’re not so much the people who sit on the front porch with neighbors anymore. We probably don’t pick up the phone and actually take the time to speak with someone we love. Better yet, see them in person. A quick text and x’s and o’s let’s them know we’re thinking of them, right? How sad that we’ve become so detached, unfeeling, and dead inside. Oh there’s still a block party, birthday party, anniversary or funeral where everyone gets together right? How many attend without their “phone”? Yes, I refer to all of the above.

If I’ve offended, I’ve probably hit a nerve. It’s not too late. No one is saying you can’t spend time on social sites, but how Alive do they make you feel?

Why not go out there and do great things, big or small. Then you can go onto the social media and share it. Encourage others to be alive. It’s the one thing you probably won’t regret doing.


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