Respect and Dignity, The First Steps

If you want people to respect you, then act accordingly. No, really. That said, I’m going to use the ‘F word’. FEELINGS. Half of us want to talk about them and the other half of us don’t want to hear it. Guess what? We all have feelings and that’s why we are where we are.

In order to Respect someone, you show concern for someone else’s feelings. For Dignity, you acknowledge and respect them to make their own decisions. When someone attacks others based on that person’s decisions, their dignity is being abused. In the last ten plus years, it’s become more noticable in political climate how we’ve stomped all over each others’ dignity. Unfortunately, respect has become uncommon.

It’s currently June of 2020 and the world feels like it’s been turned inside out and upside down. We have so many national, world, state, neighborhood, and home issues coming at us non-stop it’s fascinating to watch how people react differently. When receiving the same information, people walk away with different perceptions. When receiving so much misinformation out there it makes it more difficult to come to a point where any conversations can take place. We’re renaming food products because they supposedly have ‘derogatory’ names. We’re taking down statues we don’t agree with and in some cases making up reasons as to why they should be removed, etc., etc., etc. So much resentment. What is this vanilla world (can I even say that?) that some want everyone to live in? I thought our uniqueness and learning more about others is a large part of what makes this such a beautiful world.

Rioting, looting, etc. is bullying on steroids.  The very people who have their businesses in our neighborhoods, trying to help us and we destroy them? We make ourselves look like fools and worse doing this. They took the initiative, and hard work to build that business. I understand it’s not always people in these neighborhoods doing the damage as well. They are coming in from other areas to create more havoc.

Why all the display? Are we looking for our 15 minutes of fame on social media? Everyone with their phones taking videos and selfies of (mostly) foolishness.  What may or may not have started out as a noble cause for a protest, has taken a downward spiral. Why are we doing it? We know it’s wrong to go beyond peaceful protesting. We must make our Congress/Senate listen to us by calls/emails and using our social media WISELY. They work for us. Let me repeat that. They work for us.

Respect and Dignity. Those who can’t abide by that need to be called out and I don’t care who you are, what side of the tracks, what side of the moat, what side of the hill, what side of the state, what side of the country, etc we live on.

Let me put this in perspective from my point of view:

1) Looks like being violent Gets results – is this what we want?
2) Why stop here?
a. Let’s have everyone who was sexually assaulted as a child do the same thing.
b. Let’s have everyone who was sexually abused/harassed/assaulted do the same thing.
c. Let’s have all those treated unfairly by the justice system do the same thing.
d. Let’s have all those whose free speech has been muffled do the same thing.
e. ………well, you get my point. There are many social injustices and worse in the world. If there is something to be addressed, let’s address it. We should not ignore it. However, we shouldn’t go burn down everything and take over the streets and inflict damage on each other to get our own way.


All these hundred of millions of dollars being pledged to and for…….what? I want specifics and so should you. I want to know where every penny goes.  Unless it’s an all volunteer organization there will be funds skimmed right off the top for salaries – trips – meetings- hotels – entertaining.  Look at the current news stories how funds are misappropriated all the time. Is it going to be a trickle down affect?  What do you expect to see or get from this?  Anybody? Don’t think this might happen? I just read an email from the ACLJ which stated, “Planned Parenthood affiliates siphoned off $80 million of Coronavirus relief funds. We filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to discover if it intentionally committed fraud.” We certainly need to make these organizations accountable. It’s a lot of talk to make a lot of people feel good about themselves and for some, drum up more business.

The protests over lack of fair treatment by law enforecement have gone way beyond what they were intended to.  It’s as if it was never the intention and more akin to a cover for what’s really being pushed. No one should be a statistic, and many of the statistics out there are made up and being thrown around on social media. I’m going to do a public service announcement here – Just because something is on Social Media does NOT make it true. There are many people behind many curtains trying to control the narrative. They want to control the narrative because they want to control you.

What do YOU want?  Really?
Maybe what you WANT and what you NEED are two different things. My humble opinion is we NEED to treat each other with dignity. Once we do that we can open the lines of communication and not only listen but hear what someone else is attempting to say.

I’ve been an advocate for life for as long as I can remember. We must be able to live our own lives, make our own decisions, and be accountable for the decisions we make. It starts with family and being responsible. To me, this seems like one of the first steps we should take. Look at family structure and what is happening. We reside in our home pods but live virtually through our devices. We’re not here to live a virtual life.

So, it’s time we grow up and put our big boy and big girl pants on.  It’s life. We’re here to help each other of our own free will and not be extorted into doing so. We’re here for each other, so let’s act like it. If we don’t get it right, we’ll keep circling the drain until we hear that final flush.

Lady Rose Quartz (aka CathyAnne)

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