No Results and the Madness Continues

We NEED to come together. RIGHT NOW.

Watching many yelling (or typing ) at each other after two horrific events this weekend,. I’ve been silent only because I don’t have answers. What’s obvious is no one really does or this wouldn’t be an issue.

To date, we’ve failed when it comes to helping those with mental health issues. If you’ve read or watched what I’ve read for these past two incidents, you understand what I mean. All sorts of signs were there, even though someone might have ‘looked’ normal. For example, one person allegedly had lists for raping and killing, issues when younger, etc.

I cannot stress enough: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!”

I DO NOT care what COLOR skin someone has.
I DO NOT care what RELIGION they profess.
I DO NOT care if they are on the LEFT or RIGHT side of politics.

What I DO care about is the fact that PEOPLE are killing other PEOPLE.
What I DO care about is People hiding behind masks, hoods, or using their elected position in office as their pulpit to incite more violence. The fact that there is time to tweet/do interviews, etc. and yet NOTHING has been accomplished on the immigration/border issues. NOTHING has been accomplished with health care issues. NOTHING has been accomplished with nearly EVERY other issue they dangle as carrots before us, especially before the next election.  And yet, here we are re-hashing the same things OVER and OVER and OVER –  And now they are on vacation . Vacation from what? *eyeroll

There are extremists on BOTH the LEFT and RIGHT. It’s a FACT.
There are RACISTS and THEY ARE IN EVERY COLOR. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

Social Media attempting to stifle free speech isn’t going to help. The rub there? People behind the curtain are pulling levers to further their cause. They can argue all they want. It’s fact. Whether their employees are doing it without management’s knowledge (which is difficult to believe) or management instigates it themselves. If you’ve seen certain accounts say BLATANTLY racist things and continue to have a microphone and soapbox via social media, and watch others call people out on something terrible and be suspended. You know exactly what I mean.

Guns are not going to go away.

I can use bullet points showing the arguments for both sides, but I’m not going to waste my time or yours adding them here. There’s plenty of information on the internet if you choose to look. Both sides have valid arguments. (When specific items are discussed.) They do.  Unfortunately, much time is wasted by those who don’t have any idea.  Learn what you are going to talk about before wasting others’ time.

I’ve spent most of my weekend praying. I pray and I pray and I pray.   I’m not tired of praying, but I AM tired of praying because of this senseless type of violence.

There’s so many cans kicked down the road by those we’ve elected, it looks like a garbage heap.

Many are stepping forward and donating their time/services/money to the families who have to move on from these tragedies and need help. The world is a better place because of those pitching in. BUT those resources could be directed to other things if this voience wasn’t constantly happening.

It’s not about RIGHT or LEFT. It’s about RIGHT AND WRONG and here we are, stuck in the middle of a stand off with no one the winner and nearly everyone losing.

I, for one, do NOT want to wait until the next election for this to be taken care of.

This needs to be done now, not down the road.

Perhaps a more severe law/sentence for these types of killing frezies too?

Definitely more intense mental health awareness and what we, as citizens,  can do when we see something that seems off without being afraid of retaliation.

I don’t have all the answers. No one does. BUT we can come together and try to work this out. The effort sounds like crickets. I am sick and tired of it.  I am sick and tired of our elected leaders being bullies to those across the aisle and to those who don’t agree with their politics.  Enough.  Never Again.

CONGRESS SHOULD GET BACK AND BEGIN DIALOG ON THIS IMMEDIATELY.  When it’s fixed, THEN they can go on vacation.   Vacations are earned and I’ve seen nothing done to get a reward for.  TERM LIMITS goes without saying.


I’m not the most eloquent writer, but I am passionate about every life being important.

Cathy Anne

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