To My Daughter

My little “Deluxe”, you are the youngest and perhaps the one who can relate most with what I’m going to say. Not because you are younger, but because you are now a woman.

You may not think you’re strong, but with two older brothers who loved to tease, I saw a young girl who could take care of herself. You were as much of a little lady as you could be, growing up on the farm. You rarely complained and always strived to please. You may deny it, but you looked up to your older brothers. When your oldest brother went into the Army, I’m not sure if you or I cried more. When he came home for visits, it was a toss-up as to who rejoiced more.

Growing up wasn’t always easy. You dealt with your share of bullies. Oh how I wished I could kiss the pain away. Your brothers would have been there in a heartbeat, but you always chose to fight your own battles then just as now. Once again showing your fortitude and independence. We had fun too. I’m still sorry I crashed the golf cart into the cement wall. It gave us quite a scare, but we were fine-the golf cart not so much. We certainly laughed at how we must have looked like the Flintstone family with both of us hanging a foot out of the golf cart trying to stop as we rolled crazily down the hill and right into the wall.

I guess what I’m trying to share with you is this: When you were born, everyone referred to you as the beautiful Renaissance baby. You grew into a beautiful and remarkable young woman who continues to grow in her own confidence each day. When you had your child, I watched you gain “Motherly Intelligence” and a glow from being a mother. All of us have made mistakes in the past, we’re only human. What we do with our circumstances helps to form us into what we are.

In this ever-changing, sometimes violent, world I urge you to keep looking for the good in others. Stand your ground for what you believe in, and don’t let others try to change you or your beliefs.

Do you remember the day we jumped into the convertible and drove to Wisconsin? To make the ride interesting, I suggested that we smile at everyone who looked at us. Do you remember what transpired? There were a few who looked surprised at first, but every single person smiled back. A few even broke into a huge grin. I remember looking at you and the wonder on your face when you realized you could have that effect on others.

We each have the power to affect our surroundings. We can be positive, indifferent or negative. I encourage you to try to remain positive. Shine like the angel you are. We will always be challenged, just remember what’s truly important while holding it safely in your heart.

No matter what happens in the future, know this, I’m so very proud to call you my beautiful daughter.

(Cathy Anne)

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